Museum’s Web Strategy: A multi parameter questionnaire

  • Museum Web Strategy

Dear museum, what are your goals and your priorities for the web? How are you working with different targets, how goes your audience engagement? How are you sharing multimedia contents? Are you creating a sharing community in the global world? It is so difficult to answer these questions. So how can a museum association, like ICOM, and a public policy influencer, like the Italian Ministry, help museums in this challenge?
Icom iTALIA and MiBACT have chosen to support museums with a concrete tool for self-evaluation of their web strategy, and to help them enhance their project development. Icom Italia’s Digital cultural heritage project group has set up a questionnaire to analyze and evaluate a museum’s web strategy. This includes an organic use of the hub site, social networks, popularization platforms and tools to reach a broader audience, engaging these to create a community. This template follows the web’s structure and its functioning patterns, sharing and participating. It addresses the need to create networks and open communities, and to give proper value to our cultural heritage.

LINK TO ICOM Italia dedicated area: Gruppo di ricerca Digital Cultural Heritage – ICOM Italia


Research Group  Digital cultural heritage ICOM ITALIA
Coordinator: Sarah Dominique Orlandi
Members: Gianfranco Calandra, Vincenza Ferrara, Anna Maria Marras, Sara Radice.