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Book | FAQs author’s rights, copyright and open licenses for culture on the web

OPEN ACCESS. 100 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS FOR MUSEUMS, ARCHIVES AND LIBRARIES.AUTHOR’S RIGHTS, COPYRIGHT AND OPEN LICENSES FOR CULTURE ON THE WEB. 2022. By Digital Cultural Heritage Research Group - ICOM ITALY Sarah Dominique Orlandi, Deborah De Angelis, Pierfrancesco C. Fasano, Cristina Manasse, Anna Maria Marras, Mirco Modolo. FAQ with practical indications for museums, archives and [...]

HELP Project Final Report 2022

H.E.L.P. Project Final Report 2022. H.E.L.P. Heritage Education New Web Formats And Free Licences Opportunities For Dissemination, Co-creation And Open Data is one of the projects selected by 2021 Solidarity Projects of ICOM.

Research Group | Digital cultural heritage ICOM Italy

ICOM Italy’s Digital Cultural Heritage Research Group (DCH) was founded in 2015 by Sarah Dominique Orlandi to assess the opportunities and critical issues of the Web for cultural communication and heritage enhancement.

Article | Museums facing the new spaces of digital

Partecipazione. Narrazione. Condivisione. I Musei si confrontano con i nuovi spazi dell’Era digitale, Sarah Dominique Orlandi Title translation: Participation. Storytelling. Sharing. Museums facing the new spaces of digital era in A cura di Valentina Gensini, Musei Pubblici Tecnologie, Pisa University Press, 2020

Article | Next Generation Civita Report 2021

Copyright and open licenses for culture on the web. 2021 Orlandi S.D., De Angelis D., Manasse C., Diritto d’autore, copyright e licenze aperte per la cultura nel web, 2021 in XII Rapporto Civita “NEXT GENERATION. Tecnologie digitali e linguaggi immersivi per nuovi pubblici della Cultura”

Article | Museum International 2018

Web Strategy in Museums: An Italian Survey Stimulates New Visions, article published on Museum International ICOM 2018

Article | DIGITCULT 2020

Article Sarah D. Orlandi. Museums web Strategy at the Covid-19 Emergency Times, 2020, DigitCult. Scientific Journal on Digital Cultures, Politecnico di Torino. Download pdf  Abstract: In these past months of emergency and closure, the digital contents published by museums on the web have multiplied. Museums demonstrate great resilience with proposals aimed at maintaining contacts, reaching publics [...]

Congress | Wikimedia 2020

ItWikiCon 2020 is the main conference of Wikimedia projects in the Italian language. We presented the OpenEdu platform by Wikimedia CH.

Webinar | Museums and sustainable development

ICOM Italy Museums between sustainable development and new emergencies. Webinar April 30, 2020 VIDEO RECORDING OF THE CONFERENCE - ITALIAN The prospects of digital for participation and public engagement. Sarah Dominique Orlandi | Coordinator, Digital Cultural Heritage Research Group

Wikimedia conference | Enhancing cultural heritage through online photography

WIKI LOVES MONUMENTS 2020. ONLINE CONFERENCE Enhancing cultural heritage through online photography. 25 September 2020. VIDEO RECORDING OF THE CONFERENCE – ITALIAN The activity of ICOM Italia in terms of copyright and image rights Sarah Dominique Orlandi e Pierfrancesco Fasano Digital Cultural Heritage research group ICOM Italia

Web Strategy Workshop | RO.ME. Museum Exhibition

RO.ME. Museum Exhibition - Online 26 nov 2020 WORKSHOP - Digitization and web strategy Sarah Dominique Orlandi, ICOM Italia Digital Cultural Heritage 

Congress | Digital Transformation

ICOM Italia – Conference The Digital Transformation. Knowing to manage: methods and tools, 10 June 2019 in Milan A comparison with institutions and museum professionals on technology solutions concerning some key aspects of museum management: resources (both human and digital), cloud services, security and GDPR, tools for audience development. – Third Workshop – Knowledge of […]

Congress | New challenges for education

ITALY EUROPE. NEW CHALLENGES FOR EDUCATION FOR CULTURAL HERITAGE 20 - 21 June 2019 in Rome We participated in the third session: complicit cultural institutions and inclusive heritage: accessibility education for citizenship in the contemporary cultural landscape; projects and mediation activities in dialogue with other cultures; digital culture, languages and technology tools as resources for [...]

Museum evolution: towards a new ICOM definition

ICOM Italy and the University of MILAN organised a debate on May 2019 in Milan dedicated to the new definition of museum. MORNING STREAMING   AFTERNOON STREAMING [/vc_col umn_text] PROGRAMMA 

Quote project | report Io sono cultura 2018

We are very proud that the Vocidallafilanda project was mentioned in the report Io sono cultura 2018 by Symbola Foundation. Jump to the project: Voci dalla filanda Download the Symbola report  - Io sono cultura 2018 io sono cultura WWW.voci dalla filanda.IT home The project was designed for the Lecco Abegg silk museum by Cooperativa [...]

ICOM MIBACT Conference Day | Museum Web Strategy National Survey 2017

CONFERENCE DAY: MUSEUM WEB STRATEGY THE NATIONAL SURVEY OF 2017: FIRST RESULTS AND CONSIDERATIONS Day organized by the Digital Cultural Heritage research team (Coordinator: Sarah Dominique Orlandi. Gianfranco Calandra, Vincenza Ferrara, Anna Maria Marras, Sara Radice) ICOM Italia and DG Musei Mibact. 9 February 2018 Planetarium, Baths of Diocleziano, Rome Via Giuseppe Romita, 8 (Stazione Termini area) 9.30 - 17.30 ICOM Italia and MiBACT have [...]

MAB Congress 2018 | Communicate Museums, archives and libraries in the social media era

Communicate Museums, archives and libraries in the social media era. Opportunities and strategies to enhance cultural heritage. Report by Sarah Dominique Orlandi: New directions of museum communication based on the results and reflections of the museum web strategies survey ICOM Italia / MiBAC. MAB. Convegno. Palazzo Stelline. Milano. 2018. Check the program.

Museum’s Web Strategy: A multi parameter questionnaire

Dear museum, what are your goals and your priorities for the web? How are you working with different targets, how goes your audience engagement? How are you sharing multimedia contents? Are you creating a sharing community in the global world? It is so difficult to answer these questions. So how can a museum association, like [...]

Paper | ICOM General Conference | A multimedia storytelling for a silk museum

ICOM International Council of museum General Conference. Milan, July 2016 Paper A multimedia storytelling for a silk museum by Sarah Dominique Orlandi, Marco Boldrini, Paolo Pioltello CECA Session - Education and cultural action / Digital solutions Read the paper on

Paper | Edulearn10 Conference

Leonardo' Software has been presented at EDULEARN10, the annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies in Barcelona (Spain), on the 5th, 6th and 7th of July, 2010. Check our paper for more details: Human genius investigated by an interactive software. Leonardo da Vinci: from fine arts to engineering a mind is revealed in [...]

MIUR, National Guidelines | Sarah Dominique Orlandi expert on new technology

Sarah Dominique Orlandi has been called upon as an expert on new technology by the focus group that revises national guidelines MIUR – Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (Italy). At the center of the meeting were digital tools, seen as a support in teaching methods and as a transversal competence we mean to spread. […]

Collaborative practices for social innovation

New research: collaborative practices for social innovation - When science becomes collaborative An article written by Giovanna Ranci and Sarah Orlandi on collaborative practices for science and published on

International Museum Day | Workshop dedicated to museum professionals

On the occasion of the International Museum Day (May 17, 2014), the National Museum of Science and Technology ‘Leonardo da Vinci’, in collaboration with ICOM-Italy, organized a series of Workshop dedicated to museum professionals. From Complexity To Sustainability. Evolution, Uses And Trends Of Museums Not Expositive Spaces Moderator: Luca Dal Pozzolo (Fitzcarraldo LINK Foundation and […]

Culture & Interactive design

Crossing between cultural contents and interactive design Why do not cross cultural contents with interactive design? In our project we try to balance the relations between: contents, educational goals, visual communication e  interaction design, to obtain a new learning approach. We create an interaction between different areas: process analysis and their graphic representation are strengthened [...]

Online Leonardo interactive demo

Try the demo version online. This software is designed to be used with an interactive whiteboard. Some features are unavailable in this demo version. Play Demo For a complete presentation, take a look also at “the software in use” videos. [kml_flashembed publishmethod=”static” fversion=”8.0.0″ movie=”” width=”950″ height=”700″ targetclass=”flashmovie”] [/kml_flashembed]

Cognitive technology

Our project starts from the reflections on cognitive technologies that are “devices that can involve internal processes of the mind”. If new technologies will be integrated in a pedagogical and cultural planning, we would have new opportunities to expand technical design possibilities and especially didactic/cognitive objectives. “To start thinking constructively to information and communication technologies in […]

EduOn – new educational practices for school

A interdisciplinary project of experimentation and definition of new educational practices for school. A team of 50 designers with complementary skills has partnered for seven years to discuss and do research. The committee finished its work in 2015. EduOn Partners EduOn!Nuovi Media Strumenti e tecnologie cognitive open source Creando educational EduOn!Musica Fondazione Antonio Carlo Monzino EduOn!Arte […]