NGOs for culture. Foundations. Universities

For the non-profit organizations operating in the cultural sector, we implement projects of renovation of the cultural process, centered on participation, new approaches to culture and integration of digital tools in the transmission of knowledge.

Our projects are aimed at a variety of final targets: schools, youth associations, cultural operators and the general public.

Selected projects:

Voices from the Textile | online storytelling

A multimedial social storytelling for an industrial museum, to tell the social memory of a territory using today’s digital tools

Digital Heritage. Ex votos | web site

The website present a cultural project of promotion of the ex-votos painted at the Sanctuary in Ossuccio (Lago di Como, Italia)

Metamorph Biennale | education and architecture

Metamorph is a book made for the Biennale di Venezia for communication and architecture teaching. Teenagers meet the greatest architects