Cultural communication is evolving rapidly.
The web has opened new horizons for international projects; digital tools enable us to reach a wide variety of targets. Creando projects focus on the transfer of knowledge and the active participation of the audience.

Active participation
In our projects, people are always the active subjects in each process. From software to websites, our priority is to enhance participation, giving participants concrete options for action.


selected projects

Museo del Novecento | Interactive Map

The interactive map that reveals invisible links between artworks of the Museo del Novecento of Milan. An interactive map with an online selection of works from the Museo del Novecento. It is an opportunity to discover unexpected connections, make direct comparisons, deepen knowledge. It allows you to get in touch with each work, and prepare […]

Metamorph: a world tour into contemporary architecture | Venice Biennale

[:en]For the 9th International Biennale Architecture Exhibition of Venice, we made a long trip to learn about the protagonists of contemporary architecture. A journey to meet great architects in their studios[:it]Per la 9ª Mostra Internazionale di Architettura, abbiamo fatto un viaggio per mettere in relazione diretta i ragazzi con i protagonisti dell’architettura contemporanea. Un viaggio alla scoperta degli studi e dei progetti di grandi architetti.

Ex Voto Santuario di Ossuccio | Online Web Archive

The digital cultural valorisation of an intangible artistic heritage: the ex voto of the Ossuccio Sanctuary.