The Earth

the delicate balance between nature and the environment, environmental justice, food sovereignty: it is crucial to make those subjects known, and to spread the available scientific knowledge in accessible form. It is also urgent that these topics be felt as intimately related to everyday life.

Does this problem concern me?

“What have I got to do with this?” “Can I be of help in bringing about a change?” We work with NGO’s, with the public administration, and with those institutions or private bodies whose mission is to involve people directly.

realted projects

Modus Riciclandi | Portal of suistainable ways

Ideas, events, workshops and activities spread in the Province of Varese with the end goals of reducing waste production, encouraging creative recycling and protecting the environment. Modus Riciclandi project that was selected by Lombardia Region and labeled as “Relevant project”. 

Scienza | Citizen science

A dissemination project realised by Creando in collaboration with Giovanna Ranci for the dissemination of the citizen science approach. 2017 – 202

Rifiutili The Box | Kit for Environmental Education

[:en]A multi-discipline kit for primary and middle school. It is a box containing materials and ideas for stimulating activities apt to bring up in class the issues of waste and sustainability, drawing from different fields of study.[:it]Un kit multidisciplinare per le scuole primarie e secondarie, che contiene attività di scienza, arte e gioco per capire come e perché ridurre la produzione di rifiuti.[:]