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ICOM Italy – Digital Cultural Heritage Research Group

Digital cultural heritage is a new discipline that explores the evolution of the Web that allows us to imagine new content and new forms of storytelling for museums and cultural institutions.  

ICOM Italy’s Digital Cultural Heritage Research Group (DCH) was founded in 2015 by Sarah Dominique Orlandi to assess the opportunities and critical issues of the Web for cultural communication and heritage enhancement. The Web offers effective tools for museums that allow us to imagine new design horizons, but we need tools to evaluate them. The working group focuses on innovative issues and produces practical tools (outlines, books and articles) and cognitive events (webinars and conferences).   

Main topic: Open access / Museum web strategy



Each topic is tackled by a different group of experts:

The members of the DCH Open Access  (2019/2023) are: Sarah Dominique Orlandi (coordinator), Deborah De Angelis, Giuditta Giardini, Pierfrancesco Fasano, Cristina Manasse, Anna Maria Marras, and Mirco Modolo.

The members of the DCH Web Strategy  (2015/2019) were: Sarah Dominique Orlandi (coordinator), Gianfranco Calandra, Vincenza Ferrara, Anna Maria Marras, Sara Radice.


The Digital Cultural Heritage Research Group of ICOM Italy

> explores issues related to Copyright/Copyright and Open Licenses for the publication of cultural content on the Web

> coordinates research and dissemination actions with partners Wikimedia Italia and Creative Commons Italia according to the collaboration agreements stipulated with them.

> creates networks with national and international communities by organizing and participating in conferences in Italy and abroad and maintaining a constant confrontation with experts.

> promotes a professional approach to museum Web Strategy thanks to the monitoring scheme (WSS Web Strategy Schema) created in Italian and English.