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Cultural communication

Cultural communication is evolving rapidly.

The web has opened new horizons for international projects; digital tools enable us to reach a wide variety of targets.

The Creando projects focus on the transfer of knowledge and the active participation of people.

Active participation

In our projects, people are always the active subjects in each process. From software to websites, our priority is to enhance participation, giving participants concrete options for action.

Communication for Sustainability

The Earth, the delicate balance between nature and the environment, environmental justice, food sovereignty: it is crucial to make those subjects known, and to spread the available scientific knowledge in accessible form. It is also urgent that these topics be felt as intimately related to everyday life. “Does this problem concern me?” “What have I got to do with this?” “Can I be of help in bringing about a change?”

We work with NGO’s, with the public administration, and with those institutions or private bodies whose mission is to involve people directly.

Tools and products

Centering our work on strategies, planning, projects, grants and briefings we offer the tools and products that are best suited for each goal. We remain within given budgets and respect deadlines. We implement custom-made, ready-for-use projects.

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