HELP Project Final Report 2022

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HELP Project Final Report 2022

HELP Heritage Education New Web Formats And Free Licences Opportunities For Dissemination, Co-creation And Open Data is one of the projects selected by 2021 Solidarity Projects of ICOM.

HELP encourages participation and active reuse of digital reproduction of museum’s collections and provides museums with the fundamental guidelines for a correct legal approach. Main target of the project are small museums.

The HELP project aims at identifying an innovation path for museum education: starting by considering the huge digital experimentation carried out during the Covid-19 period and selecting ideas worth keeping for the post-pandemic. Free licensing and open data can definitely be an asset for museums’ resilience. Through the proposal of new models for museum practice, the HELP project focuses on bringing out advantages of free licensing and public domain for a better audience engagement and the opportunities of open data for museum education and communication.

The lead of the project is ICOM Italy, the other partners are ICOM Portugal, ICOM Czech Republic and the Working Group on Sustainability (WGS).