Cognitive technology

  • Cognitive technology

Our project starts from the reflections on cognitive technologies that are “devices that can involve internal processes of the mind”. If new technologies will be integrated in a pedagogical and cultural planning, we would have new opportunities to expand technical design possibilities and especially didactic/cognitive objectives. “To start thinking constructively to information and communication technologies in teaching we need to consider the effects of cognitive technologies: technologies have profound implications in cognitive processes of people who use them”. Technologies can be seen as an instrument, or as an experience of learning environment and knowledge. As Antonio Calvani in “new the media in the school” asserts, cognitive technologies will involve new possibility for the human mind:

  • the lightening of the cognitive load, part of which will be transferred outside;
  • the valorization of some cognitive functions, like the inferential strategy;
  • the opening of new spaces and functionality of the mind, if the cultural context will allow it.

Innovations in communication technologies involve sensory and cognitive reorganizations that go with a transfer of tasks and inner functions (mental) on external supports (physical).