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Discovering the opportunities of citizen science in Italy. A dissemination project realised by Creando in collaboration with Giovanna Ranci for the dissemination of citizen science. 2017 – 2022 / Collaborative science

Actions to support the awareness of citizen science:

  • 2017 – First italian Citizen Science Conference, Rome, nov 2017. Speaker at Roundtable Citizen science and communication, Emilia Chiancone (Accademia Nazionale delle Scienze), Andrea Sforzi (Direttore Museo di Storia Naturale della Maremma), Fausto Barbagli (Presidente ANMS), Marco Galaverni (WWF- Italia), Sarah Orlandi (ICOM Italia), Gaia Agnello (ECSA – Bioblitz Working Group).
  • 2017 – Realisation of a Citizen science survey: public motivations to participate in events. Research project by Giovanna Ranci and Sarah Orlandi (Collaborative Science) carried out in partnership with 29 Parks for BioBlitz Day
  • 2017 – 2022 A website that collects dissemination, research actions
  • 2016 – Organisation of the seminar AAA science seeks citizens. Ideas for active, shared and participatory knowledge. by Sarah Orlandi e Giovanna Ranci (Scienza Speakers: Andrea Sforzi (Phd, Dir. Museo della Maremma), Alba Astorina (CNR). Convegno Share Italy 2016, Base Milano
  • Scienza has been a member of ECSA European Citizen Science Association 2017 – 2022