Modus Riciclandi | Portal of suistainable ways


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THE PORTAL OF SUSTAINABLE WAYS. Ideas, events, workshops and activities spread in the Province of Varese with the end goals of reducing waste production, encouraging creative recycling and protecting the environment. Modus Riciclandi project that was selected by Lombardia Region and labeled as “Relevant project”.


The project ‘Waste: new ways of cross-border responsibility’ started in 2011 with the aim of increasing recycling, reducing waste production and combating the occasional abandonment of rubbish. Initiated with a joint effort between the Province of Varese and the Canton of Ticino, the project is financed by the Integrated Cross-border Plan (PIT). All contents are available through the home page; either search by personal interest, or by topic or by in-depth research.

The portal is divided into four thematic areas – environmental education, creative reuse, sustainable retail and waste management – in which you can find:

  • 60 content sections with texts, photos, links, videos and downloadable materials,
  • The ReMida Varese Centre’s creative reuse programmes for schools and families,
  • The Sustainable Varese Map: schools, shops, institutions and companies with sustainable ways,
  • Educational materials and tools for schools,
  • Projects, events and recycling best practices in the province of Varese

Project partners: Provincia di Varese e del Canton Ticino, founded by Piano Transfrontaliero Integrato (PIT).