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The interactive map that reveals invisible links between artworks of the Museo del Novecento of Milan.

An interactive map with an online selection of works from the Museo del Novecento. It is an opportunity to discover unexpected connections, make direct comparisons, deepen knowledge. It allows you to get in touch with each work, and prepare your visit.
The museum has a collection of 400 works,  masterpieces that offers an overview of the Art of the twentieth century. Lots of these works are interconnected thanks to a vast network of links: historical, logical, visual, conceptual, contextual and of subject affinity. Some links are more straightforward than others, which instead seem unusual, invisible and hard to identify considering that the works can’t be directly compared one another.

Concept: culture and new technologies for audience development

  • prepare your visit at the museum or to re-examine the works
  • to have a fresh perspective and discover the Museum collection
  • multi target (general public, secondary and primary schools, art historians)

Project team:

Concept: Sarah Dominique Orlandi
Illustrations: Alexandre Mauro
Contents: Sarah Dominique Orlandi, Elena Ragazzi, Egle Varisco and Lucia Cianchetta.
Museo del Novecento
Collaborators: Lucia Cianchetta


  • provaONLINE 2011 - 2016
  • Museo del Novecento - Milano