Master UniCatt Milan | Lecture | Cultural Communication on the Web

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Lecture: Cultural Communication on the Web (20h module) –  Master on Educational services for the artistic heritage, historical museums and visual arts – Catholic University Of Milan. I have been teaching since 2014

The 20h lesson focuses on the cultural space on the web and the change that’s happening to the communication and valorisation of the heritage thanks to the following pushing factors of the web: global push, multidisciplinary push, multi target and multilingual push. 73,2% of Italian cultural institutions have a web strategy and show a much higher than expected understanding of the opportunities related to the web (Web Strategy Survey 2017).

The relation with the public has become fundamental and people’s opinions sometimes outweigh renowned texts. What has caused an overturning of hierarchies?

The Web is a planning field with peculiar rules and procedures that subvert the classical notions. It offers a huge potential for new cultural narrations and engaging procedures. The Web is  also a place of engagement and creation thanks to the tools that allow users to create and share content.

This is the future: not just the Museum that publishes content but also the public that re-elaborates and shares. To face and strengthen their own digital identity, Museums need to have a Web Strategy, an overall and coordinated view with interconnected tools, and above all coherent with the mission of the Museum.