Museum Web Strategy | Handbook

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Museum Web Strategy. Monitoring and Designing Cultural Communication on the Web. Edited by the ICOM Italy Digital Cultural Heritage research group: Sarah Dominique Orlandi, coordinator; Gianfranco Calandra; Vincenza Ferrara; Anna Maria Marras; Sara Radice. With contributions by: Tiziana Maffei; Daniele Jalla; Valentino Nizzo; Enrico Bertacchini. ICOM ITALIA publication. 2019

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The aim of this volume, and of the research project that generated it, is to offer an outline of 17 parameters for monitoring museum web strategy, and for analysing the strategic communication of cultural sites in the digital environment. In the first part some introductory items; in the second part an insights into the 17 parameters of the WSS  Web Strategy Schema 2019 and the results of the 2017 museum national survey carried out with Mibac Ministry of culture.

We thank our colleagues for their contributions: Simona Ricci, Antonia Silvaggi, Letizia Bollini, Maria Grazia Girotto, Nicola Barbuti, Sandro Garrubbo, Federico Morando, Mario Guglielminetti, Alberto Stracuzzi, Niccolò Caranti