Contemporary Dance Course Milan

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Contemporary Dance Course Milan

> TUESDAYS 19:15-21:15 | Fabbrica del Vapore, Didstudio, Via Procaccini 4. Milan.

SARAH DOMINIQUE ORLANDI, 25 years of experience and research. +39 340 8281913 |

Member of International Dance Council (21154)




Albo nazionale tecnici disciplinne CONI – ASC – danza contemporanea (T23.GVS5)

ALBO NAZIONALE TECNICI ASC danza contemporanea N° t23.gvs5


In contemporary dance, body rediscovers deep skills: balance, fluidity, strength, instinct. In the moments of improvisation, creative ideas and empathic connection with others flow back.

Creative expression is an ancient need, and if we approach it lightly and with a certain amount of cheekiness it brings us a deep joy. It makes us present again in the here and now.

The movement techniques I use activate the power of deep muscles and attentive listening to the body; while the choreographic concepts integrate the most diverse inspirations to stimulate in different ways!

Do I have to be able to dance? Do I need to be coordinated? Graceful? Do I need to have an innate sense of rhythm? No, I must be willing to experiment and observe what happens. The rest comes with practice.