Open access | 100 Questions on Copyright and Open Licences for Culture

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Open access. Diritto d’autore, copyright e licenze aperte per la cultura nel web. 100 domande e risposte per musei, archivi e biblioteche.  A cura del gruppo di lavoro Digital Cultural Heritage ICOM ITALIA: Sarah Dominique Orlandi coordinatrice, Deborah De Angelis, Pierfrancesco Fasano, Cristina Manasse, Anna Maria Marras, Mirco Modolo.

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FAQ with practical indications for museums, archives and libraries, with the aim of clarifying the opportunities and legal limits related to the reuse and dissemination of digital reproduction of cultural resources on the web, in order to be able to take decisions on topics of a complex world with a better awareness.

Our group works in close contact and discussion with experts from associations and stakeholders in the sector, both national and international, so that with a general reflection on digital cultural content we can hope for more flexibility in the balance between exclusive rights and freedom of reproduction.