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The memory of work – 2020. Creating and disseminating culture through collective memory. 

Welcome to the archives of the Martinitt and Stelline Museum in Milan

Through the project “Creating culture through collective memory”, financed by Fondazione Cariplo, it was possible to collect oral records, documentary and photographic files regarding workers in the period between 1950 and 1980.

The project has reached a threefold objective: to gather records regarding working methods that were very different from those used nowadays, in order to keep certain production sectors memory and oral sources alive; to draw new generations near the use of documentary sources and oral memory; to allow the use of all produced materials to the general public.

The general public and professional specialists can access more than 50 interviews to people who have lived and worked in different sectors between 1950 and 1980; two (2) documentary films reporting the experiences of workers who have operated in the Milan and Como areas; 330 graphs, tables and text files edited by the students of the Milan and province area regarding the archive records preserved in the Martinitt and Stelline Museum and covering a quite long period between the beginning of the XIX century and 1959 with a particular focus on the professions carried out by the lower classes.