Guastalla Collection | Online Art Analysis

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Guastalla Collection. Five hundred years of history, art and everyday life in a single virtual gallery. For the first time, some of the most beautiful works from the Guastalla College Collection are presented and five centuries are narrated through works of art, artefacts, historical documents and educational tools in a rich overview that reveals the great history and the minor history of an innovative pedagogical experiment that continues to the present day.

On the site, we have created innovative online tools for analysing works of art that are available for free:

  • tool for analysing the composition structure
    tool for analysing chromatic ranges
    tool for visualising light contrasts

Project realised in collaboration with the Centro di ricerca per l’educazione attraverso l’arte e la mediazione del patrimonio culturale sul territorio e nei musei (CREA)Università Cattolica di Milano.