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MAXXI IN ACTION. An architectural communication and education project for the MAXXI National Museum of XXI Century Arts, Rome.

Devising three digital educational modules closely related to the museum mission (1.Hadid effect, 2.MAXXI mission, 3.The building site) and a site that tells the story of Studio Hadid’s ideation process, collects interviews and recounts the educational modules and the construction steps of the construction site, thanks to the photos of the students . Studio Hadid was involved to unveil the visionary museum project. Aimed at lower and upper secondary schools.

We were responsible for:
> designing the educational concept and communication objectives.
> conducting prototype workshops
> training operators
> content structure of the Maxxi area website.
> final report of the MAXXI IN ACTION project at the conference “EDU_MAXXI. Educating for contemporaneity,” February 27, 2007.